Watch Out! Kitchen Appliances Can Be Dangerous If Misused

More than half of the accidental house fires start in the kitchen. Most often homeowners don’t put much thought into how to use their major kitchen appliances on a day-to-day basis. Using them in the right way is necessary to avoid mishaps and accidents. According to the statistics of a survey, an electrical incident kills around 16 Australians every week. So you should always put safety first to avoid any accident that can turn out to be a fatal one. Government records show that the largest number of accidents reported are caused by electricity flaws in homes due to people misusing electrical cooking appliances, including food processors, microwaves, electric stoves, ovens, etc.
Here are certain aspects that can help you for sure to avoid the chances of an accident taking place due to mishandling of electrical appliances.

Hot Heat

Appliances that generate heat must be handled with caution, especially the oven and stove that are frequently used in the kitchen. One among all safety rules that need to be followed in a kitchen is to always be prepared to put out a fire. This means that fire extinguisher should be handy for out-of-control blazes. Keep the baking soda to extinguish grease fires. Remember that using water will only cause a grease fire to spread.
Contact burn is the most common injury linked to the oven and stove, so keeping a first aid kit nearby is always advisable. Moreover, using thick and dry potholders to handle hot items and exercising extra care when children are around is a sound and safe decision. Turing the handles of pots and pans toward the centre of a stove, since children can pull them down if handles face outward.

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Dishwashers are considered as a significant appliance used to simplify day-to-day tasks. They also produce a good amount of heat, albeit no flames. The most important safety risk associated with them is the steam that escaped at the time of the heat dry cycle. Yes! Steam can be more dangerous than flames, as it can lead to severe injuries. Furthermore, delicate and stemware glass dishes should be used carefully because they can break inside the machine.
You may cut yourself if you don’t pay attention the time you unload the unit, it can be really dangerous. And if you are unloading a machine after a heat dry cycle, some of them may be too hot to handle specially, if they are made of metals.

Cook or Bake Safely

Using microwave for cooking or banking includes certain key safety precautions, so you need to pay extra attention to avoid any kind of accident. You should only use microwave-safe dishes and containers than metal dishes. Nowadays, these machines are designed to prevent radiation leaks, damage to doors and seals may make this possible. Inspecting microwave timely can be a great way to avoid accidents in a kitchen.
You should be extra careful while heating liquids. If you overheat a liquid, these super-heated ones can explode out of their containers, leading to a scalding spray.
It’s not only the electrical appliances that can be dangerous, even the sockets or wire can also be the reason behind an accident. So, you can’t miss other aspects such as faulty wiring or other problem delivering power to your kitchen. You can contact an experienced and skilled electrician you may find in your local area. Just look for the best one to offer an extra protection to your home.