6 Different Types of Jobs Electrical Engineers can get themselves into!

It is myth that engineers can land to only specific job types that are related to their field. They may choose to stay with their field or choose to a different one. An electrical engineer can explore a number of options that may or may not relate to the field of electrical engineering and still make a successful career. This article talks about electrical engineers; their specific job types and what different can they do apart from jobs related to electrical engineering.

Engineers who are responsible for everything that is related to developing and designing electrical equipment to testing and supervising the manufacturing processes. These are the traditional roles of an electrical engineer. These engineers are responsible to combine creativity and technology and convert ideas into reality.

Before we get into what other jobs an electrical engineer can get, let us understand what the basic role of an electrical engineer is.

What is the job profile of an Electrical Engineer?

Before getting a job, one needs to complete an engineering course and get a degree to further explore what is in the plate of an electrical engineer.

A lot of the role of an electrical engineer depends on the employer. Electrical engineers are usually involved in developing, designing and maintaining electrical control systems. Other than control system they also look after different components that require specifications that focus on safety, reliability, quality and economy. Electrical engineers are demanded in a number of sectors. To name a few:
  • The service industry
  • Transportation Industry
  • Construction and Manufacturing Industry
  • Production and Distribution of Powers
Along with getting involved with the minutest of the details, electrical engineers are also involved in the maintenance of the project.

job opportunities for electrical engineers

Other than typical electrical engineering jobs, there are some other things that an engineer can make a career into. Some of them include:

Consulting Firms

Electrical Engineers can work as consultants that advice businesses with strategies that help them improve their businesses. As a consultant, the engineers will get an opportunity to work with the defense services and research institutes of a nation. This field has the potential of growing exponentially and is one of the highest paying jobs for an engineer. Consulting work will rank as a sector that has great potential in future.

Technical Writing

This is another field that has seen an upward graph if we talk about the growth. The job market sees the need of technical writers and this is an opportunity that interests a lot of writers. The technical writers are supposed to research, collect information on technical and scientific subjects and convert the complex information into clear and understandable form that is understood by someone from the non-technical background. Majorly, they are hired in order to make user guides and manuals for users in a particular industry. The employers look for someone who has good knowledge in their field are fluent in the writing language.

Sales & Marketing

Not only MBA graduates are employed for a sales or marketing job. In cases, the industry demands knowledge about the product and when such is the case, engineers are hired to sell and market a particular product. All large and small engineering companies have employment opportunities in this department of the company.


Having research and development expertise will open more number of doors if you want something which is different from a typical engineering job. Though the knowledge and skills requires will be the same, the career opportunities are immense. This field is one of the most apt for electrical engineers finding their way out of the regular path.


Engineers can take up teaching as a profession and share the knowledge that they have gained. This traditional field requires great and depth knowledge about a subject. It requires the engineers to study more before they are employed as lecturers in the college. So, if you consider to choose this field, then a strong hold of the subject is a must.

teaching profession


Lastly, if you are one independent person with business plans in mind then it is best for you to start with a business of your own. Though it is a huge step to take, engineers can go forward and take the risk if they believe they can create products or solutions that are sure to change people’s lives. Decide whether you have that ability to take the risk and go further.

The Last Words

So in a nutshell, if you are one of those who can differently or are bored of the typical electrical engineering job profile discussed above, then you may choose from any one of the above as career. Do not just jump into switching career or generally pick one. A lot of intense research about the future and how to go about it is required. So before you decide to go off track, do your background search.

Author: Akansha Arora is a professional writer and blogger who loves to pen down her views on a number of topics that interest a reader. She writes keeping in mind the current scenarios and wishes to keep her readers well informed.