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Hi reader!

I hope electricaleasy.com helped you in resolving your electrical query or in understanding some electrical concept. :)

electricaleasy.com is intended to help you to understand the basic concepts of electrical engineering in easy words. Electrical engineering related articles with well explanatory graphics/images are periodically posted on this website. If you like these articles and find them helpful, you can subscribe below to get new articles directly to your email inbox for free.
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Who's behind electricaleasy.com?
Its me! My name is Kiran Daware. I am an Electrical Engineer and an enthusiast blogger. I completed my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, in 2015,  from Shivaji University, Kolhapur, India. Here is my resume! During my graduation course, electrical machines took my interest and I started writing about them. This is how electricaleasy.com born. 

I like to stay in touch with my readers. So, never hesitate to get in touch. My social profile links are at right, you can click on any of it. You can always drop a mail at kiran@electricaleasy.com or the form below delivers your message to me instantly. Your every suggestion, query or feedback is always welcome.